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“Special Add-Ons On ‘Enrolling Professional Year With Pristine Consultancy.”

Education Counselling
Pristine Education is a student recruitment agency that serves to represent a wide variety of quality education institutions throughout Australia, roviding a range of courses to meet prospective student’s career objectives and pathways
Visa and Migration Counselling
Any VISA or migration Related problems or things you want to get clear view on we are always ready to help you. Either it’s student VISA, TR or PR related migration issues. Visit our counsellor anytime you like.
Scholarships for International Students
At Pristine we believe all students should get the best education service as well as the Scholarships they deserve. We are committed to providing best scholarship availabe out there.
Students Visa Health Cover
Health is the most improtant thing while wherever you’re we provide you with right health cover which will be cost effective as well as cover your health insurance when ever needed.